Byrne Dairy Emergency Delivery

Someone needs to start teaching delivery drivers that they are not exceptions to traffic LAWS. Note the No Stopping sign. Note the bike lane. Note the bright green paint. Note the idiot’s truck number.  Called the company and the operator responded to my complaint with, “I’ll transfer you to the man in charge of drivers,” before sending me to someone’s voicemail. Great driving and great … Continue reading Byrne Dairy Emergency Delivery

Random Ass-Hats

Parked on a sidewalk (not a bike lane, I know, but still) next to a fire hydrant: It doesn’t count if you’re running on Dunkin’: This guy had his fingers in his flashers on: “ALERT, I’M AN ASS-HAT!” To be fair, this lady was confused about how the world works in general: Continue reading Random Ass-Hats